Esther Clark Ceramics

Mud-based Habitats, 2022 | Stoneware, underglaze washes, and glaze

Ofertas, 2022 | Stoneware, natural cording, ceramic beads, and layered glazes | Arts Worcester Material Matters | Worcester Magazine | Fitchburg Art Museum

Spoiled Relics, 2021 | Stoneware, iron oxide, and layered glazes

the things that we enjoy are passed down through generations

Daydreaming, 2022 | Stoneware, underglaze illustrations, opalescent overglaze, effigy toppers, glaze

Effigy Urns, 2021 | Stoneware, glaze, canvas, gold colored embroidery floss

Hymns of the Ancients, 2022 | Stoneware and layered glazes

Inside of a ruined temple, tucked away in the corner, is a ceremonial vessel. Haunting echos come from inside.

Remembering Places (Remembering Dreams), 2021 | Earthenware, underglaze, glaze, stain, embroidery floss | Swamp Show 2021

Blemishes&humour, 2021 | Earthenware, commercial layered glazes

Childhood innocence and recklessness. Scraping your knee trying to walk up concrete stairs in rollerblades.

Heirloom, 2022 | Terracotta, underglaze, iron oxide, glaze, braided embroidery floss

Effigies, 2021-ongoing| Stoneware, Earthenware, Terracotta, iron oxide, glazes

Assorted Vessels (cups/bowls/more), 2017-ongoing | Terracotta, Stoneware, Earthenware, underglaze, commercial and homemade glaze

Slightly traditional, mostly neutral, always bizarre and curious

Deep Sea Artifacts, 2017 | Stoneware and layered glazes

Collaboration with Blu Angel Flame Co, 2021 | Stoneware, Earthenware, underglaze, glaze, Blu Angel Flame Co candles